Live @ MET Museum with the Mannes String Orchestra, February 2017

My arrangement of OWN was conceived through a sheer overwhelming force of frustration, shame, pain, and hope in 2016. We chose four historical songs that touch on poignant social justice issues currently plaguing America. Inspired by jazz, protest, pop music, and prison hollers, these songs expose the history of body and mind ownership in America and pay homage to the marginalized who fought to be “free”. These songs are "Strange Fruit"; a suffragette anthem, "Female Suffrage"; Lesley Gore's 1950s hit, "You Don't Own Me"; and prison holler, "No More, My Lord." All four songs were written before or during the Civil Rights Movement. These tunes still ring true. Over half a century later.

Dvorak's "American" Quartet, reimagined Live at the Met Museum, February 2017

MIND | THE | GAP is an original project developed in 2011 by PUBLIQuartet. The concept bridges the gap between diverse musical genres through group improvisation. Their brand of rock meets jazz meets stylistically crazed group composition touches on deeper connections between traditional, modern and contemporary music.