FEATURE: National Sawdust Log

Olivia Giovetti writes about Student CoLab: the culmination of a three-month-long young composer workshop in collaboration with Forward Music Project, composer Angélica Negrón, and students from El Puente Beacon Leadership Program!

After a group listen, student composer Amelia Cervantes says that the line “The day that I might be illegal” stuck with her. “It’s not just your experience, but maybe the experience of someone else,” she says of how the line may resonate with the audience.”

Interview: DC Metro Theater Arts

Amanda answered questions on equality in Classical music and Forward Music Project leading up to her Kennedy Center debut as part of DIRECT CURRENT at the Dupont Underground.

"I dreamt of a project that would allow me to share stories of femininity through music. What better way to spark a meditation on identity politics than in the safety of the cocooned concert experience."

Photo by Anu Dev

Photo by Anu Dev

INTERVIEW: On Tap Magazine

Amanda is interviewed on Forward Music Project leading up to her Kennedy Center debut as part of DIRECT CURRENT at the Dupont Underground.

“Removing the stuffy connotations of classical music, Forward Music Project seeks to make the genre more accessible and use it as a force for good. Commissioning works from all-female composers, Gookin incorporates music, storytelling, chanting, staging effects and projection art to create a stimulating and immersive experience.”


I Care If You Listen review of the Forward Music Project 2.0 Premiere on March 20, 2019.

“Gookin is carving out space for fresh narratives and providing a much needed dose of reality.”

“Met with a thunder of applause from both the orchestra and the balcony, Gookin’s risk-taking was welcomed by an outpouring of support from a rich musical scene, which was a joy to see.”

INTERVIEW: Tulsa Public Radio

It was such a pleasure speaking with Rich Fisher about Forward Music Project on Public Radio Tulsa! I had an amazing time performing two programs featuring FMP 1.0 and 2.0 along with amazing works for cello + electronics by Judith Shatin and Mary Kouyoumdjian and beautiful visuals by S Katy Tucker. Other shout outs on this episode to Allison Loggins-Hull and Morgan Krauss! 

Music featured: “Swerve” by Jessica Meyer and PUBLIQuartet’s classic, “Bird in Paris”

INTERVIEW: Sound Mind Podcast

It was super great to spend time talking with my bud, Cameron West, on his thoughtful Sound Mind Podcast!

We spoke about all the things I love: a history of women in music, working with the The Girl Project in Lexington this summer'; this season's Forward Music Project residency at National Sawdust; hitting PUBLIQuartet's crowdfunding goal for our upcoming album, "Freedom and Faith" (to be released Spring 2019!); and awesome new ventures with groups like Nu Deco Ensemble and Shattered Glass!