Mannes School of Music


Through the complicated life and critical musical lens of fellow Mannes School of Music alumna Johanna Beyer (Composition, ‘28), this course examines the pioneering efforts of composers confronting the difficult Interwar period of American culture in the 1920-30s. Repertoire to include: percussion, vocal, chamber, symphonic, and electronic music by Beyer; her teachers Ruth Crawford Seeger, and Charles Seeger; her student Jessie Baetz; and her relationships with Henry Cowell and John Cage. Students who participate in this course will produce and perform an end of semester concert in celebration of The New School Centennial.

The Female Experience in Music

Focusing on pervasive historical and current social issues of music and gender, this course examines the contributions of women as composers, performers, musicologists, and activists from the Middle Ages to the present, including Clara Schumann, Kaija Saariaho, Billie Holiday, Joan Tower, Susan McClary, and others.

Art of engagement

Why is it important for a musician in our day and age to have an artistic point-of-view? In what ways can point-of-view shape a musician’s artistry, career, and community at large? How does an artist develop an authentic point-of-view and find the right language and medium with which to communicate it? “The Art of Musical Engagement” is an experiential, project-based course designed to inspire students to discover, express, and interrelate their unique artistic points-of-view.

Beyond the Stage: Developing and Producing your own Concerts

This graduate course focuses on the art of concert programming and community engagement in the 21st Century. Students will receive a hands-on approach to curating a creative program that reflects both their own talent and character, as well as identifying who their target audience is and how to connect with them. Students will learn skills for self-promotion, group organization, marketing, managing a budget, and creating a thoughtful mission statement. The semester will culminate in a community performance organized entirely by the students through group work and self-delegation. Course co-taught with Jannina Norpoth of PUBLIQuartet.

SUNY Purchase

Establishing a Professional Musical Life

This course examines the current challenge face in the development of a professional career in music. The portfolio of a contemporary musician casts a wide net. Students will explore a variety of career opportunities and focus on artistic and logistical elements surrounding early career development - ranging from strategic concert programming and self-promotion to personal finances and grant writing.

Trends in music in society

This course examines current music professions within a wide arts-and-culture context and financial and political landscapes, then posit professional growth opportunities.


Forward Music Project

Inspired by her recent TEDxMidAtlantic talk, Amanda has created a full lecture-recital of the Forward Music Project.

  • Ages: 13+

  • Length: 90 min.

  • Materials needed:

    • Large screen with HDMI connection and sound

    • High quality stereo speakers (appropriate for size of the hall)

    • Floor monitor

    • DPA Directional Headset Microphone

    • FOH tech (to run computer playback and levels

A history of Women in Music

This lecture surveys the history of notable women in music from the Middle Ages to the 21st-century. Spanning genres from Medieval and Classical music to Avant Garde and Jazz, discover the influence of woman who have been neglected in our history books.

  • Ages: adapted to any age

  • Length: 90 min.

  • Materials needed:

    • Large screen with HDMI connection and sound


Music AS Activism

Exploring the connection between political activism and music, this lecture reviews examples of old and new protest songs, pop music, and political responses in classical music. Learn more about organizations around the U.S. that are impacting their community and creating social change through music.

  • Ages: 13 - adult

  • Length: 60 min.

  • Materials needed:

    • Large screen with HDMI connection and sound


Girls Create

Girls Create is a Forward Music Project workshop designed for teenagers and college-age students to engage in discussion and musical sound creation centered around self-discovery and personal expression. Through guided group improvisation, the participants will compose a new soundscape using musical instruments, found objects, and spoken word poetry. At the end of the creation sessions, participants will have the opportunity to perform their new work in a variety of settings from the concert hall to public spaces.

  • Ages: 13-21 (adapted for musicians and non-musicians)

  • Length: 90 - 120 min.

  • Materials needed:

    • White board or chalk board w/ writing utensils

Discovering Pauline

Deep Listening and the music of Pauline Oliveros

Following a brief introduction on Deep Listening and the music of Pauline Oliveros, participants can experience and perform her work in any setting from the classroom to public spaces.

  • Ages: 18+ (no musical training required)

  • Length: 60 min.

  • Materials needed:

    • Large screen with HDMI connection and sound



listening, reacting, and facing the fear of improvisation

PLAY explores the art of “play” and free improvisation. Participants will hone their listening skills and learn how to react to one another in the moment. Exercises will include reactionary games, interpreting graphic scores, and soundscape creation.

  • Ages: 8+ (musical instruments required)

  • Length: 60 - 90 min.

  • Materials needed:

  • White board or chalk board w/ writing utensils

  • Large screen with HDMI connection and sound


I teach private lessons out of my home in Sunset Park, Brooklyn. My teaching philosophy approaches each student's unique needs into consideration to construct individualized courses of study, and craft attainable goals with clear action steps forward. I teach with empathy, humility, and enthusiasm. Each student’s unique training background and physicality demands that I focus on the specific needs of the specific individual, rather than a blanketed approach to cello technique. I focus on deliberate mechanics and the importance of building technique from the ground up. Slow scales, etudes, and mindful practice are the backbone of my technical curriculum. I enhance this curriculum with score study, research in performance practice, improvisation skills, and a knowledge of 21st-century extended techniques.


I have taught cello and chamber music Masterclasses at such institutions as Mannes School of Music, Colorado State University, University of Wyoming, Purchase College, Chautauqua Institution, Associated Chamber Music Players, Third Street Music Settlement in New York City, Cello Fest in Norwalk, CT, and over 25 public schools throughout the U.S. I am an energetic teacher, eager to share a joy for learning and cello technique. 

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