Morgan Krauss (b. 1985) is a composer currently living in Chicago. She received her Bachelor of Music in Composition at Columbia College Chicago in the winter of 2012. She is now continuing her studies in Music Composition as a Doctoral student at Northwestern University.

Krauss’ ambitions in her works are to produce tactile explorations based on ones physical awareness and elements of allurement. Her music is focused on the latent instability of seemingly fixed gestures where the interaction between performer and the score creates yet a third entity, often guided by improvisation and the clashing of emotional opposites.

memories lie dormant: they are reviled before they are revealed for cello and vocal effects (2016)

"memories lie dormant: they are reviled before they are revealed" is a piece that expresses what it means to be a survivor of sexual abuse/assault, I realize it is more than one should ever have to endure. One time, in any form, is too much. After hearing stories from friends and colleagues more and more, it became alarming to me and made me think about this unfortunate commonality we share, men and women alike. I used to find these stories/interactions to be triggers that would lead me to my "dark place." However, I took a step back and noticed that through my work as a composer I have a voice. I can choose to regain agency over my body and most importantly the way I exist in the world; not through fear and anxiety but as a person who has worth.